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Compact design. Quick and Convenient Hands-free Communication for door answering w/picture memory and Intercommunication.


Two doors & three monitors (3-1/2 inch)
Total hands-free communication, auto-voice actuation
Built-in picture memory; Record visitor both automatically & manually
Voice memo; Internal short voice messages can be recorded and played back
Message for entrance; Outgoing messages can be recorded and sent out at the door station manually
Streamlined & Thin design, only 32 mm thickness
Vandal resistant video door stations are available
White LED illumination turns on in low-light conditions
Visual monitoring with audio for 1 minute
External sensor connectable for notifying and pictograph on monitor
Instant voice call-in with image
Different chimes to indicate which door is calling
Press-to-talk operation available
All-Call for internal communication
Transfer of door station call to other inside stations
Selective door release control (with RY-3DL)
Optional audio sub master station (JF-2SD)
Audio door station in lieu of 2nd video door station
Option – Option button, Video signal (NTSC) output, External talk switch, press-to-talk restriction