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Caught on Camera!

Cameras are extremely useful in many cases. The police and the public are using CCTV footage to get evidence of different occurrences. These occurrences may be an act of violence or theft. This information it provides could be enough to[...]

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Crime in Australia – How can you avoid it?

Do you understand the risks of not securing your home with security system, to ensure your safety, and in the case of a break in, catch the intruder? A lot of people have the idea that it will never happen[...]

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Voice over Internet

  Many of our clients are being offered Digital Phone Systems or Digital Phone Lines in their businesses and homes, which basically work like Skype – meaning that they can make cheaper calls using their internet. Unfortunately, what many are[...]

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Detecting the issue: Geckos

Sometimes you will receive a call from your security monitoring company telling you that your alarm has gone off. The trouble is, it is difficult to tell whether someone has broken into your home, or a gecko has found a[...]

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The Importance of an Intercom System

There are many types of intercom systems suitable for every situation – the audio intercom system, the video intercom system and the smart intercom system. These can be used to open an electric strike gate or a sliding gate. An[...]

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The Case Files – Stories of Success

Today, we have a collaboration of stories where some of our clients decided to upgrade their security system due to a series of intruders entering or damaging their premises.   DNA identification  A break in occurred in a yard where[...]

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Welcome to the Future: Introducing the M1

  If only there was a universal remote control which could just do everything for you- turn on the lights, open doors, water the garden and even turn the power off when you are leaving the house. Now you’re thinking, that[...]

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Third Time’s The Charm

  Unfortunately, we hear horror stories about people breaking in and stealing our valuable items, but you never think it will happen to you. Apparently, neither did one of our clients. Although it is recommended that all clients are monitored, meaning[...]

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I Spy – Indoor Wireless IP Camera

  Imagine this: You are busy at work and you get a message from the security monitoring company, “You’ve had an activation in zone 1, would you like us to send out a patrol?” or you’ve received a message from[...]

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