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The Case Files – Stories of Success

By In Blog On February 9, 2014

Today, we have a collaboration of stories where some of our clients decided to upgrade their security system due to a series of intruders entering or damaging their premises.


DNA identification 
A break in occurred in a yard where the perpetrators attempted to break into the clients cars. Fortunately, cameras were installed watching the car. This came in handy to not only help identify when and where the crime occurred, but aided the police in knowing where to look for DNA. As it happened, the police found fingerprints and used these to identify the thieves.


Fire bug
Unfortunately, a school burned down and it was ruled as arson. At the time of the fire, the arsonist hiding in the bushes, but, he wasn’t the only one hiding. A hidden camera caught him and allowed facial identification, making it possible for the police to take action against the fire-bug.


Intruding interviewee 
In this case, a sneaky thief posed as someone looking for work in a store, was taken around the shop and through this, learned how to gain entry to the lockers. The thief used their new found knowledge to steal bags. Although this plan was smart, the thief didn’t take into account the CCTV the store had installed, and was caught in the act, and dealt with by police.


When you least expect it…
When a car drove past our shop to a dead end street, and a truck left, suspicions were definitely raised. It had turned out that a truck had been stolen and our cameras in our show room witnessed the arrival and departure of the perpetrators. Once the footage was submitted to the police, the car was actually recognized, and the intruders – caught.


Sneaky Staff
A manager at a work place noticed a decline in the amount of work being done by his staff members, so he installed cameras to ensure the work was getting done. He found, by reviewing the footage, that the staff were leaving early, taking longer breaks as well as not doing work at their desk. Big mistake. The manager used this footage to put his staff back into line – he now has better productivity from all of his staff – a clever way to use CCTV.


Stick it to them
Many people buy dummy ‘warning, this premises is armed and surveillance is in use’. Unfortunately, a lot of the time these stickers are useless, as there is no consistency or real threat to any people intending to intrude. If however you mean business, it is best to use stickers provided by a security company, such as Better Value Group which is more convincing and more likely to ward off thieves as the installation is complete by professionals. Better still, installing a real system would ensure the thieves wouldn’t stand a chance!


It is so convincing to install a security system, the benefits are endless for protecting your premises, your assets, and most importantly, yourself. If you have any questions about installing an alarm system within your premises, or about any of our other products in general, visit our website at www.bvg.com.au, see our Facebook page: Better Value Group Pty Ltd, give us a call on 3809 3033, or finally, come and have a look around our show room at 1/16 Central Court, Hillcrest. 


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