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Crime in Australia – How can you avoid it?

By In Blog On July 2, 2014

Do you understand the risks of not securing your home with security system, to ensure your safety, and in the case of a break in, catch the intruder? A lot of people have the idea that it will never happen to them, but, unfortunately, that is incorrect. Many households each year are subject to intrusion and theft. 


According to the Australian Beauro of Statistics, in 2012-2013, it was estimated that 239 700 households experienced break ins over a 12 month period. The majority of these houses had property stolen (73%), most commonly being money, whilst just under half had property damaged. One in ten houses that had been broken into had the offender confront someone within the household. Finally, and perhaps, most shockingly, 74% of all break ins involved the attacker using a weapon. Sound like a nightmare? Unfortunately, this really is happening. Many attempted/ successful break ins result from entrance via the garage door or unattended entrance into the house such as a door or window. 


Is there a solution to keep your house or business safe from break ins and the damage or destruction done? Of course, and you can find it right here, at Better Value Group. By installing a security system in your home, you can be safe and have peace of mind. When equipped with CCTV, an alarm system, an intercom system and access control, you know who is entering your house, from where they are entering and when they enter. You can easily control your household, making it harder for intruders to enter, and making it even harder for them to get away with causing damage or stolen property. To install, call us at Better Value Group on 3809 3033, leave us a comment on our Facebook page Better Value Group Pty Ltd and a like to stay updated on new blog posts and special Facebook only offers, or visit our Brisbane show room at 1/16 Central Court, Hillcrest

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