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Detecting the issue: Geckos

By In Blog On February 26, 2014

Sometimes you will receive a call from your security monitoring company telling you that your alarm has gone off. The trouble is, it is difficult to tell whether someone has broken into your home, or a gecko has found a home near your detectors.


Detectors are a part of a security system which can determine movement which is not normal in your home, that is, it can identify everything that is in the room which is a part of your home by using heat signatures. When detectors are placed on the walls of your home, geckos can disrupt the normal setting of the room because they sit on or so close that it comes across as something foreign in the room to the detector, thereby setting off the alarm.


Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent this. By mounting a detector off of a wall, it avoids the contact with the detector that a gecko may have. Another option is to spray insect repellant around your detectors to deter any bugs that may be attracting geckos. Thirdly, and most importantly, have your alarm tested every six months by a technician to ensure it is working correctly.


If it has been over six months, please give us a call at 3809 3033 so that a technician can assess the state of your alarm system, or come out and visit us at our conveniently located show room in Brisbane: 1/16 Central Court Hillcrest. Finally, if you have any questions about your alarm and detectors, of if there is anything that you need assistance with, please feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page, Better Value Group Pty Ltd, and hit the like button for more weekly updates, offers and important messages. 

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