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Access Control


Alarm Systems

Must you have a Licence to install alarms?

[box type=”shadow”]Yes you must have an Open Cabling License and now a Security License Class 1 & 2[/box]

What is the best alarm to put into a house?

[box type=”shadow”]Good question. An alarm must be designed to work 24/7 to give you the best protection and monitored back to base for event reporting.[/box]


Automation and Integration Systems


Intercom System

What types of intercoms are there?

[box type=”shadow”]There are many different types from audio to video to music.  All of which depend upon the functions required.[/box]


Ducted Vacuum Systems

My Machine has Stopped Working, what do I check?

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  • Make sure the power lead has not been damaged in any way. If so switch off the power point unplug the lead and contact Better Value Group or your electrician.
  • The Power is on and the machine is plugged in
  • The Smaller Wires (similar to speaker wiring) is connected to the side of the machine
  • These Wires can be shorted out by making contact on the two spade terminals with an insulated tool as these are 24v AC.
  • Vermin may of chewed through the wires in the attic or walls
  • The Electrical Brushes or Bearings in the motor may be worn – Call for Service
  • The Control Circuit may be damaged or has failed
  • Check the Safety Switch (If the safety switch has tripped, contact Better Value Group or your electrician)
  • Old age and worn out


My Power Unit Turns On, but there is no suction?

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  • All Valet Power Units have a good quality filter bag in the waste collection chamber, check if the bag is full
  • Check that all the external bungs are in place, these are in all holes at the top of the cylinder.
  • Check to see if the baffle plate (this is a square plate holding the bag up from the bottom of the chamber) is under the bag.
  • Check the air hole under the baffle plate is clear.
  • If there is suction at the air hole under the baffle plate while the machine is running and there is no suction any where else you may have a damaged pipe
  • Check all inlets are closed and sealed
  • If you are using a switch hose, check the switch and half twist the hose at the wall to start the machine


Can I Clean My Central Ducted Vacuum System?

and How Often Should I Do This?

[box type=”shadow”] It is recommended to check the Vacuum Bag every 6 months and also remove the baffle plate to check for any dust under it.[/box]

Can a blocked Vacuum pipe be cleared?

[box type=”shadow”]Yes in 99.9% we can unblock ducted vacuum pipes.[/box]

What Size Vacuum Cleaner do I need?

[box type=”shadow”]That depends on the size and design of your home, usually about 2HP to 4HP.[/box]

Can I join two vacuum hoses together?

[box type=”shadow”]Yes, as long as they are standard hoses and not switch hoses.[/box]

How many vacuum inlets would I need?

[box type=”shadow”]Once again that depends on the size and design of your home, usually about 3 to 7 would be average.[/box]


Home Media Systems


Apps & Software


Structured Cabling



Do you provide free quotes and design?

[box type=”shadow”]Better Value Group will spend time with you and give you a guaranteed price and free design.[/box]

When should I prewire my new home?

[box type=”shadow”]At the same time your electrical and plumbing are being installed at the framing stage or else it will cost alot more if at all possible to do after completion.[/box]

What if I want more Up-market products?

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Then you would add resale value. Imagine what you would see in a display home:

  1. Media room
  2. Home Music
  3. Video Security
  4. Smart/Intelligent Wiring
  5. Sounds expensive? Not really because you can design a practical effective solution to suit your budget and it can be done in progressive stages. Say the prewiring & vacuum plumbing which can not be done later at frame stage would be first. Then decide what you wish to follow with whether it be fitting off the vacuum cleaner or completing your media room, alarm and another system, but at least it can be done.


What should I plan for in my home?

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The essential items these days are:

  1. Alarm Systems
  2. Intercom
  3. Ducted Vacuum System
  4. Television Points
  5. Phone & Data Structured Cabling
  6. Internet / Cable