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The Importance of an Intercom System

By In Blog On February 17, 2014


This can allow you to hear and see the person at your front door.

There are many types of intercom systems suitable for every situation – the audio intercom system, the video intercom system and the smart intercom system. These can be used to open an electric strike gate or a sliding gate. An amazing feature of the video intercom system is that it can take a picture of who rings the door bell, this can come in handy to keep a record of who comes to your house – and could potentially see a threat.


The benefits of an intercom system don’t stop there. An intercom system with room stations can allow music to be played throughout the house, call specific or all rooms in the house, or monitor sound in a room with perhaps a baby or a sick person, using it as a monitoring system. Also, if you hear a peculiar sound in the other side of the house, you can listen in and take action as necessary. Overall, each system is different can contains different features which can be customized for you and your home.


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