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Why do you need the optional NBN battery backup?

By In Blog On May 19, 2017

With the highly anticipated NBN roll-out continuing across the country – you may be surprised to learn that there are some optional extras that Brisbane households really should consider. If you’re one of the lucky ones being connected via fibre direct to your premise (FTTP) – otherwise known as a fixed line connection – you should be given the option of installing a battery backup.

So why might you need it?

Landline telephone service safety net

One of the biggest benefits of installing the NBN optional battery backup is that it ensures your landline telephone service continues to work, even during a power outage. Traditionally when the power goes out your home phone line still worked, provided you’ve got a desktop phone plugged directly into a telephone wall socket, and not a cordless phone.

However, once you’ve upgraded to the NBN via fibre your home telephone runs via a NBN connection box plugged into a power point – not the copper phone lines previously used. This means that once the power fails you will lose BOTH your internet connection and phone line.

While most people tend to rely on their mobile phones today, in the event of a widespread or significant emergency, local mobile networks can become unreliable very quickly if the volume of calls in your neighbourhood or region spike. This can be worrisome for those who prefer to have a safety net to be able to call the power company or emergency services – particularly if someone is experiencing a life-threatening medical condition.

Those home owners with a back-to-base house alarm monitoring installed will also want a working phone line in the event of a blackout to help prevent a burglary during a black-out.

What is a NBN Optional Battery Backup?

The NBN Optional Battery Backup is a small power supply unit measuring 180mm x 125mm that is installed alongside your NBN connection box. And if you’re registered for Priority Assistance services, it’s actually mandatory that you install the battery backup.

How does a NBN Optional Battery Backup Work?

A fully charged battery can keep the NBN connection box functioning for between 3 to 11 hours after the power is cut – and while it automatically kicks in when the power is cut, the good news is that it won’t run until it is flat. The battery will switch off when it’s down 40%, ensuring there is still some reserved power for emergency use – particularly reassuring if there’s a blackout overnight, you’ll still have juice in the backup battery and won’t have drained it completely.

What devices will the NBN Optional Battery Backup support?

The optional battery backup enables you to continue to make and receive calls from a desktop handset plugged into your NBN connection box.

Want to access the internet? Devices plugged directly into the connection box via an Ethernet cable can continue to be used, however, certain equipment such as WiFi routers, Ethernet switches, cordless phone base stations and desktop computers will only work if they have built-in battery backup. The NBN Battery Backup cannot support them.

How long does a NBN Optional Battery Backup last?

The NBN back up battery is not immune to normal battery deterioration. On average it will only hold 70 percent charge after three to five years. Expect it to deteriorate faster if you experience more frequent power cuts or if it’s stored at temperatures above 20 degrees.

It will also notify you when it needs to be replaced via an audible alarm and indicator light.

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