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DIGI-HD-IR2-R HDMI Extender Balun


DIGI-HD-IR2-R HDMI Extender Balun


Tired of problem installations? Rethink HDMI with the Intelix DIGI-HD-UHR2! The Intelix DIGI-HD-UHR2 transmits HDMI up to 300′ over a single twisted pair cable.  Built-in HDsh?k® processing provides dynamic HDMI, EDID/DDC and HDCP mode selection, guaranteeing performance and image quality. Plus, onboard HDMI amplification and buffering allows multiple extenders to be daisy-chained for greater distances. The DIGI-HD-UHR2 features electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry which safeguards the HDMI circuit against static electricity and other destructive stray voltage.