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JKW-IP|IP color video intercom adaptor


JKW-IP|IP color video intercom adaptor

The JKW-IP provides you with sophisticated network-based IP video intercom solutions. 
It comes with software for you to use your network-connected PC as the master unit of the JK Series, giving you the opportunity to improve your door entry security management.
Answer your door from any network location.

  • Improves security efficiency.
  • Lowers cost for security.
  • Your PC can be used as the JK master station.


  • Identifying & Answering visitors
    Your door security can be controlled with the JK Series advanced door entry system 24 hours a day from anywhere in the network.
  • Controlling Wide and Zoom & PanTilt
    Take advantage of the JK Series advanced features using a PC!
    • Zoom
      To see the details, switch the picture mode to Zoom mode. Switching between Wide and Zoom mode can easily be done by the click of a button.
    • PanTilt
      Click the PAN/TILT button to change the camera angle in Zoom mode.
  • Releasing the door lock
    If the visitor is permitted entry, release the door lock. The door release button turns red to clearly identify the door lock has been released.
  • Room to room communication
    You can make mutual calls between the PC software and the JK Master Monitor Station.
  • Recording and Playing video & audio
    The PC software records video and audio of the entryway where the video intercom system is connected to the JKW-IP and can be played on the PC.
  • Adjusting image
    Monitors can be adjusted for low light and nighttime settings, as well as bright and heavy blacklight.
  • Getting e-mail to your PC, PDA, or mobile phone
    Whenever a door call, sensor detection, or system start up occurs, the JKW-IP sends an e-mail to your preset addresses.
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