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Russound CA4 Multiroom Audio Kit


Russound CA4 Multiroom Audio Kit



Share your music anywhere in your home, at the touch of a button. That’s what you get with a Russound CA4 Multiroom Controller Kit. Enjoy your favorite albums in the kitchen and living room while satellite radio plays in the den. The CA4 multiroom system makes enjoying your music throughout your home an affordable luxury.

For system control, the CA4-KP keypad selects between four available sources and adjusts bass, treble and loudness. The keypad also sets source grouping, all on, all off, and party mode. Featuring green backlighting, an IR receiver and IR confirmation through an LED status indicator, the keypad includes white and almond trim plates and fits in any Decora® plate.
Two CA4 controllers can be connected, easily expanding to eight zones for larger homes or budgets. Its dedicated remote control, the CA4-RC, includes extensive IR device codes and learning capabilities, making control of the system as simple as pressing a button.
With advanced features and easy to use controls, the new CA4 combines exceptional value and straightforward operation for a truly affordable multiroom audio experience.
Russound’s CA4 Multizone Controller offers control of a four-zone, four-source multiroom audio system at an entry-level price. Engineered to partner with any home, the CA4 provides a slim profile chassis and elegant wire management solution for an attractive installation in either an entertainment center or equipment rack.
Designed for easy installation and use, it features a rack-mountable 1U chassis, Class D digital amplifiers, an RS-232 port for connection to home automation and control equipment, a 12 VDC mute trigger input, and a 12 VDC trigger output. The CA4 also features source grouping, all on, all off, and “party mode”. Systems are scalable to support up to two CA4 controllers linked to make an eight-zone system with four sources.
To speed up wiring and reduce clutter, the CA4 uses an innovative Wall port to connect the Controller to the network of wiring that runs throughout the home. Four CAT-5 cables connect the CA4 to the wall port. From the wall port, CAT-5 and speaker wiring is run to each zone. This design allows a home to be pre-wired and tested before the CA4 and source equipment is installed.
For system control, the CA4-KP keypad lets you select between four sources and adjust bass, treble and loudness. The keypad is also used to set source grouping, all on, all off, and party mode. The CA4-RC learning system remote is designed exclusively for the CA4 and provides complete source control through IR pass through.
The new CA4 provides advanced system features and easy to use controls at a price that makes multiroom audio luxury affordable.
Feature Rich – Four-source/four-zone controller, 30 watts per zone, CAT-5 connectivity and rack mountable for flexibility and convenience
Expandable – connect two controllers for eight zones, fixed and variable outputs allow for external amplification for larger zones
Adjustable – bass, treble, loudness, “party mode” and “all off” for total control from keypads
Versatile – includes RS-232 port for integration with home automation systems
Smart – CAT-5 connectivity between unit and wall port make for easy installation
Distinctive – newly designed controller with keypads available in five Decora colors, for an elegant and practical solution
– Dimensions – 16.9” x 8.75” x 2” (50 x 429 x 223mm)
– Weight – 6.9 lbs. (3.1kg)
– Power Supply –  VAC 100V to 240V @50-60Hz 110W (Auto Select)
– Audio Source Inputs – 4
– Max Source Audio Input – 2.3 Vms
– Input Impedance – 50 kohms
– Wall Port Ports – 4
– Routed IR Ports – 4
– Common IR Port  – 1
– Amplified Audio Zone Outputs  – 4 speaker level (8 ohms)
– Line Audio Outputs – 2 (Fixed and Variable) (Zone 4 only)
– Watts per Channel  – 15watts
– Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– Communication Ports – RS232 port
– Trigger Output – 12VDC 100 mA Max
– Trigger Input – 12VDC
(Sales for Australia only)