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My Machine has Stopped Working, what do I check?

By In On September 5, 2013

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  • Make sure the power lead has not been damaged in any way. If so switch off the power point unplug the lead and contact Better Value Group or your electrician.
  • The Power is on and the machine is plugged in
  • The Smaller Wires (similar to speaker wiring) is connected to the side of the machine
  • These Wires can be shorted out by making contact on the two spade terminals with an insulated tool as these are 24v AC.
  • Vermin may of chewed through the wires in the attic or walls
  • The Electrical Brushes or Bearings in the motor may be worn – Call for Service
  • The Control Circuit may be damaged or has failed
  • Check the Safety Switch (If the safety switch has tripped, contact Better Value Group or your electrician)
  • Old age and worn out


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