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My Power Unit Turns On, but there is no suction?

By In On September 5, 2013

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  • All Valet Power Units have a good quality filter bag in the waste collection chamber, check if the bag is full
  • Check that all the external bungs are in place, these are in all holes at the top of the cylinder.
  • Check to see if the baffle plate (this is a square plate holding the bag up from the bottom of the chamber) is under the bag.
  • Check the air hole under the baffle plate is clear.
  • If there is suction at the air hole under the baffle plate while the machine is running and there is no suction any where else you may have a damaged pipe
  • Check all inlets are closed and sealed
  • If you are using a switch hose, check the switch and half twist the hose at the wall to start the machine


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