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I Spy – Indoor Wireless IP Camera

By In Blog On January 20, 2014



Imagine this: You are busy at work and you get a message from the security monitoring company, “You’ve had an activation in zone 1, would you like us to send out a patrol?” or you’ve received a message from your alarm to your smart phone. This is a tricky situation if you have no way to determine whether you’ve got someone stealing from your home or simply a gecko walking around your detector. Patrol companies can be pricey, and most certainly a waste of time if it’s a false alarm.

Luckily, there is a simple and easy way to avoid this: the Indoor Wireless IP Camera.


This camera is small and blends nicely into your decor, coming in black or white. Anyone could operate this system as it is supplied and installed for you, all the work is done! With a simple operating system (using your smart phone), this is an easy way to ensure the safety of your home and its contents even when you’re away from home. With your smart phone or computer, it is easy to view live footage or check out the 32GB SD card to view past footage.


The camera is wireless, meaning it runs off of wifi and avoids having wires around where they aren’t necessary. But, if you don’t have wifi in your home – don’t worry! This camera can also be connected up to a data point. To add to this, the Indoor Wireless IP Camera is also infrared, meaning that even at night time you can keep an eye on your home. At the affordable price of $349, this camera certainly makes a worthy addition to your home, saving you money on multiple patrols. Whether it is used to keep an eye on your babysitter, pets, watch those tradies or, and possibly most important, verify alarms, this camera is a valuable addition to any security system.

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