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Crime in Australia – How can you avoid it?

Do you understand the risks of not securing your home with security system, to ensure your safety, and in the case of a break in, catch the intruder? A lot of people have the idea that it will never happen[...]

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Voice over Internet

  Many of our clients are being offered Digital Phone Systems or Digital Phone Lines in their businesses and homes, which basically work like Skype – meaning that they can make cheaper calls using their internet. Unfortunately, what many are[...]

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Detecting the issue: Geckos

Sometimes you will receive a call from your security monitoring company telling you that your alarm has gone off. The trouble is, it is difficult to tell whether someone has broken into your home, or a gecko has found a[...]

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The Case Files – Stories of Success

Today, we have a collaboration of stories where some of our clients decided to upgrade their security system due to a series of intruders entering or damaging their premises.   DNA identification  A break in occurred in a yard where[...]

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