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My Power Unit Turns On, but there is no suction?

[box type=”shadow”] All Valet Power Units have a good quality filter bag in the waste collection chamber, check if the bag is full Check that all the external bungs are in place, these are in all holes at the top[...]

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My Machine has Stopped Working, what do I check?

[box type=”shadow”] Make sure the power lead has not been damaged in any way. If so switch off the power point unplug the lead and contact Better Value Group or your electrician. The Power is on and the machine is[...]

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Can I Clean My Central Ducted Vacuum System?

and How Often Should I Do This? [box type=”shadow”] It is recommended to check the Vacuum Bag every 6 months and also remove the baffle plate to check for any dust under it.[/box][...]

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What Size Vacuum Cleaner do I need?

[box type=”shadow”]That depends on the size and design of your home, usually about 2HP to 4HP.[/box][...]

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Can I join two vacuum hoses together?

[box type=”shadow”]Yes, as long as they are standard hoses and not switch hoses.[/box][...]

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How many vacuum inlets would I need?

[box type=”shadow”]Once again that depends on the size and design of your home, usually about 3 to 7 would be average.[/box][...]

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Can a blocked Vacuum pipe be cleared?

[box type=”shadow”]Yes in 99.9% we can unblock ducted vacuum pipes.[/box][...]

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