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Voice over Internet

By In Blog On March 5, 2014


Many of our clients are being offered Digital Phone Systems or Digital Phone Lines in their businesses and homes, which basically work like Skype – meaning that they can make cheaper calls using their internet. Unfortunately, what many are not warned of is the effect of changing their phone line to a digital phone line on your alarm.


When a digital phone line is installed, the alarm can no longer connect to the phones which require an analogue phone line and is thereby disconnected and deactivated once the Voice over Internet is installed. So, what is more important, having cheaper phone calls or having the ability to protect your home, your assets, and more importantly yourself and your family?


If you are considering installing ‘Voice over Internet’, please consider the effects if you have a security system installed in your home, as the only way to fix this is by installing a more expensive security system. If you have installed Voice over Internet and are having trouble with your security system, or are interested in installing a security system in your home, call us at Better Value Group on 3809 3033, leave us a comment on our Facebook page Better Value Group Pty Ltd and a like to stay updated on new blog posts and special Facebook only offers, or visit our Brisbane show room at 1/16 Central Court, Hillcrest

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