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Welcome to the Future: Introducing the M1

By In Blog On February 3, 2014


A keypad which puts the control literally at your finger tips.


If only there was a universal remote control which could just do everything for you- turn on the lights, open doors, water the garden and even turn the power off when you are leaving the house. Now you’re thinking, that would be great, but I won’t see that until 2024. Wrong! Believe it or not, you can access this elaborate and futuristic system today, with all of these amazing and useful features jam-packed into one little system: the M1. 


The M1 is an alarm/ integration system designed to give you the control. With the ability to protect your home with an advanced security system, control your lighting, to open and close the garage door and other entry points – even letting you know if a door has been left open – this smart system can create a smarter way of living for your home. The M1 can also send voice alerts –yes, it can talk- to let you know when you’re using a little too much energy, and adjust accordingly if you want it to. The system also has the capability to, if in the event of a smoke alarm activation, it takes action by alerting you, isolating the possible source of ignition and can be programmed to have the ability to open gates/doors for a quick escape.


To top it off, this system can be controlled from your smart phone – even when you’re not on the premises. If all of its accolades already mentioned didn’t convince you, it also can manage tasks such as watering the lawn, controlling electronic blinds/drapery and automatically turning on your lights outside when it’s getting dark, all with the touch of a button. The M1 also has the capability schedule your day based on times, for example, waking you up at 6am by verbally announcing, ‘6am, wake up!’ It sounds like something from the future, but even a caveman could use it- it’s too easy!


This amazing system can be installed and programmed to create a custom system perfect for your home. To ask about this smart system, contact us at Better Value Group on 3809 3033, leave us a comment on our Facebook page at Better Value Group Pty Ltd, or come in and give us a visit our show room at 1/16 Central Count Hillcrest and talk to one of our friendly staff members. 

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